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Aug 30,

Green Canyon
Go to 19th North west from main road 89 on road along S side golf course.

4 Swan Peak in Green Canyon B- 1.20, Lunch 1.50, S-4.00. R -13.46.
Clay Basin Rd, Line between 25-26, T9N, R1W, for high Swan Peak, last locality on Aug. 30.

In Green Canyon saw section from UE through Swan Peak. I collected home - Garden City about 300' strating. above The E. fossils few. Lower Swan Peak has [[limey?]] beds in which occur Anomalorthis and Syntrophopsis. Fossils rare above middle Swan Peak. 

Afternoon went 1/2 mi W of Sardine Summit for mid Swan Peak. Graptolites, bracho and trilobits in shaly beds.

1 1/2 miles SE of Mantua on road to Clay Basin & Swan Peak locality excellent for Trilobites - Check Mantua [[drawing of open box]]