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August 31
B - 1.24, L = 1.25 S = 2.20 R = 4.14
$2 for Williams
10 - Thrust Paleozoic (Nebo Thrust of [[Eerdley?) N side of Nephi.

Left Logan early in morning and went S to Provo. Here called on L. Hintze and saw collections from Confusion Range. After conference with H we came SW to Delta for the night. Met Rousseau Flower here.

Sept. 1
11 - .5 of rd. Skull [[Rock?]] Pass
12 - Fillmore Skull Rock Pass
13 - Confusion Range - And with lava cap.
14 - Fault S end Confusion R. Warm Point

The Barn [[image of square]], Utah

Sept. 1 = About 1 mi. SW of Skull Rock Pass at junction of road South into Confusion Range. Notch Peak [[image of square]].