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Carthage (Marble Co.) about one mile N. of the city on road just east of US 71. Collecting very poor.

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Quarry on Section line about 1/4 mile S of NE cor 18 - 25N - 29W 2 1/4 miles ENE of Newtonia.
About 10' massive gramular lines followed by gramular ls in thin beds with shaly partings 8-10' Collecting poor.

July 14.
Left Neosho about 9:00 AM. Went S on US 71 to Anderson, then on Mo. 59 to Noel, and from there west to Vinita where we arrived about 12:30
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St. Joe limestone in long cut on Mo. 59, on N limit of North Noel, just one mile N of juction Mo 59 and 90 in Noel, Missouri.
St. Joe, a bluff of 30 feet of limestone overlying 12 to 20 feet of Chattanooga shale. The St. Joe reminded me of the Lake Valley in color & texture but was harder and more compact and with few fossils.