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[[left margin]] [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] 68-8 [[/left margin]]
Low, long hill on south side Frisco RR showing about 15' - 20' of flaky, crumbly shale capped by thin bedded limestone. The latter disintegrates and sheds slabs and loose fossils over the surface. Locality in Fayetteville shale, NW 1/4 11-25N-21E, 8 miles E and 3 miles N of Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma.

[[left margin]] 68-9 [[/left margin]]
Small pit in SE cor SE 1/4 16-25N-21E, 5 miles E and one miles N of Vinita, one mile N of US 60, Craig Co., Oklahoma.
Pit in irregularly slabby limestone with shaly seams that crumble and shed fossils. Called Hindsville in 1955.

[[left margin]] 68-10 [[/left margin]]
July 15.
Vicinity of Vinita, Okla
Fayettevile NE 1/4 11-25N-21E, 6 1/2 miles E and 2 1/2 miles N of Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma
Low bluffs with washes in shaly Fayetteville. [[underlined]] Inflatia [[/underlined]], Orthotetes common.

[[left margin]] 68-11 [[/left margin]]
Small pit in about SE 1/4 SW 1/4 16-25N-21E, Craig Co, Oklahoma. Fossils few. Some beds as 68-9 but fossil bed under water in the pit.

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Not sure of [[Oruflotia?]]

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