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but enclosed by the same irregular barrier. Karomi is much dissected & as it lies so close to a volcanic mass there [[underlined]] may [[/underlined]] be good fossils. Anyway, I've made the skipper promise me 1/2 hour ashore on our way out.
Canoe arrangements are all made satisfactorily. Am getting only one canoe but it's the big 8-fathom baby that the Tutings used. It's now in Kambara but due back on Saturday. It will sail to Namuka and meet me there. Am chartering it with 2 men for an indefinite period at 30s per week. That damned cheap! Two men @ 1/6 per day = 21s & even a [[underlined]] small [[/underlined]] canoe costs 1s per day = 28s per week. I'm getting the best canoe in Lan for only 2s more per week!
Your Willy is an angel from

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heaven! Southern Lan is quite different place when one doesn't need to worry about petty details & when one has [[underlined]] Lemkana! [[/underlined]] Had a swell chicken dinner tonight with Bob Evam who runs the store here (he is Arthur's son). After dinner we had our [[?]] & now, of course, I'm full of yangona! Willy has just delivered a long lecture on "one-shelled animals" holding everyone's attention & bringing forth murmurs of astonishment.
The Tutings have left an unenviable reputation for stinginess among the natives - both here and in Lakemba. Of course one doesn't know how much to believe - such stories grow like snowballs..
This town is filled with children & slant-eyed women. If I weren't

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