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Before breakfast this morning Dr. Ladd & his guide went around the Eastern Coast and I stay home as a Chief Cook, getting ready some things to chew on their way back. After breakfast we went up to one of the biggest Caves on the Island (Namukas).  I took the sound also. I dive down with one of the bottles to get the Water samples. This spot wasn't so deep about 10 ft in depths.  I took my first dive down right to the bottom with my finger on the bottle so to keep it close until I reach bottom.  I open my eyes where I was under I hardly see any it was a pitch [[insertion]] ^ dark [[/insertion]] so I left the bottle under water and went up for breath before I got to surface I got my blinking' head bump on one those mad rocks so I nearly yell I thought it was a big shark chewed my hair off so I went down again

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for the bottle I lost the spot where this mad bottle was so I [[insertion]] ^ start [[/insertion]] to fill around for about three minutes and I find the bottle but before reaching the [[strikethrough]] supp [[/strikethrough]] surface I drank about 5 to 10 gallons of this mad brackish water, because I was breathless, but the smell of this brackish water under water exactly the smell on the southern point at Juonca' village. But the funny part of it I did not tell or [[strikethrough]] let [[/strikethrough]] let Dr. Ladd know.

Wm. M. [[underlined]] Wainifelo [[/underlined]]

July 5th
Dear Ed -
Above is a contribution from Willy, written just before we turned in last night.  (I'll get him to sign the next one!)

Light showers Today off &

Transcription Notes:
Interesting how his handwriting changes on the first page. Only when I reach the end of the page do I learn that it was written by Willy, and that the signature I can't quite make out at the end is the name of Willy, written by Harry.