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along.  Thats good news but, my God, the skipper must be a cautious fellow! Some drizzle & a bit of wind today but if the small Fulanya canoe could sail [[underline]] against [[/underline]] it I should think the big one could slip over from Mothe!  I guess they wanted Sunday at home!

Can you hear the musical clang of the yangona stone? [[underline]] That's [[/underline]] the way I like to have it made -- damn these silent & unsanitary tree logs!

Today finishes my first 2 weeks & in that time I've worked on 4 islands -- Lakimba, Mothe, Karoni & Namuka.  I hope I'll be able to keep moving! the next two weeks should bring Yangosa', 

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Kambara, Wangava & Marambo.  Read on & see if I'm right! I expect to make my sops on these all-limestone islands as short as possible.  I'm anxious to tackle Oniata & Naian when I shall be able to make geologic maps & get good fossils.  Still have hopes of getting you a coral fauna on Lakimba -- I haven't finished there yet.

I've just returned from a visit to the Mbubi cockroach-infested privy. Its a charming little mbure -- one of these where you have to stand up on the seat & the wind blows the door open! Also there are clothes wires strung up between the house & the privy. they are designed to catch you

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