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the captain & crew and one passenger (a Kambara girl) came across to our side of the island. We have been having a pow-wow [underlined] all afternoon [/underlined] but I shall not bore you with the details. I have done my best to straighten out a complicated situation. Do you know who "did me in", Edward? - who was responsible ([underlined] mainly [/underlined]) for the hang-up at Namuka? - Our friends the Tütings! I had considered the possibility previously & had discussed it with Willy - but we had both discounted it, or the Fijians are not usually vindictive. However, all is now O.K. I settled matters by saying that regardless of what the Tütings did, or did not do, I was prepared to pay for service [underlined] in advance [/underlined] & offered the Captain
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ten weeks charter money. He was very friendly & declined this, asking only that I pay him off each Saturday night. Right! - [underlined] So [/underlined], we sail at dawn tomorrow for Kambara - to deliver their passengers & a full cargo of food - shall spend a day or so there & sail to Wangara. Give us time to sample the lake at Wangara (we shall have to pass up Marambo) & we head back here. From here we take [underlined] all gear [/underlined] for [underlined] Yangasa' [/underlined] for 3-4 days. Then Oneata & some [underlined] detailed [/underlined work. I'll [underlined] then [/underlined] be back on schedule & aim to finish Lokemba & Naian before returning to Sura. I hate to pay such fly-away visits - but what else can I do? After all, if I only get water & forams on Wangara & foram on Yangasa' the trip will be worth while. Rest assured I [[end page]]