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shall try to do much more. I [[underlined]] don't [[/underlined]] want to miss Oneata & Narian (those two "limestone" islands) for there I hope to get maps & fossils. - [[underlined]] We shall see [[/underlined]]. 
Anyway, Ed, my luck is "in" again & though it's clouding up now I'm still confident of a get-away tomorrow (to hell with the [[underlined]] Adi Tavanavanna [[/underlined]]- she [[underlined]] didn't [[/underlined] appear today!)
I shall now close. We aim to sail at 600 which means that we leave here at 500 - which means that we arise at 400 AM! 
Cheerie - and add this to the "Hallelujah, I'm a bum!" jingler - 
"But you may get drowned - 
as the other folks do - 
How the HELL can I drown - 
when I'm [[underlined]] on a CANOE! [[/underlined]] Cheerio - ! Harry 
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Ngalingali, Kambara,
July 20, 1934
Dear Ed - 
And "By God here we are!" Actually sailed from Matandolo at 645 this morning. Partly cloudy but with a light fair wind. The "lokas" were on and so we had a long ground swell - otherwise nothing but "Hoffmeister waves" - i.e. what I [[underlined]] used to [[/underlined]] to call such, in the days before you became a real blue water sailor! We ran along the SW side if Wangara & crossed to Kambara. This passage, supposed to be the roughest in Lau, was quite calm today. The Fijians call it the "nai vathu ningase" (- "The old man's punch") but I guess the old fellow was taking a nap - he certainly didn't punch us so we could feel it. Below the deck the