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you would have enjoyed it. I could even hear you say "this is [[underlined]] real [[/underlined]] south seas!", as you swung your walking stick. 
Half way to our destination we passed the [[underlined]] Adi Tavanavanna [[/underlined]] headed for Namuka - but I have my canoe now & don't need her! 
Willy was wildly & enthusiastically greeted by everyone in town. He kissed all his female relatives & pressed cheeks with all the males ones. A chicken was brought & we dined in style. 
Soon we are to have a little sevu-sevu & I shall present Vosa's letter to his Papa. Vosa is the fellow in the C.S.O. Office who accompanied us on the [[underlined]] Pioneer [[/underlined]], as you will remember. 
Nary a drop of rain today so 
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I think I shall head tomorrow's note at Wangava. 
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Have just returned from our Sevu-sevu. Vosa's father is asst. Mbuli ("acting Mbuli", they call him as the Mbuli Kambara lives in Namuka). They were deep in family prayer when we arrived so we had to cool our heels in the moonlight for 15 minutes. Willy made a marvelous presentation speech and as the interrogations of "levu! levu!" came in I got to thinking about McGurty & Jake & could hardly keep my face straight! 
Before I left I was shown a little yangona bowl carved like a turtle. Willy says you told him you wanted one so I have bought this one for you for 6 bob. Am sure you will like it.  

Transcription Notes:
sevusevu = small offering of kava