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the wind shifted & then nearly died so we tacked lazily back & forth - landing on this end just as the moon began to cast shadows. 
Only 5 of us this trip, the extra being the Captains daughter. Having a woman on board makes it just dandy - you can imagine what the toilet facilities of a canoe are! - "The things I've done for paleontology"!
During the long sunny afternoon of tacking Willy & I stretched out - dozing & reading adventure stories in the copies of the "Wide World" that I got from Crabbe. The captain stretched out too while his daughter (who is always scratching her own
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head) went through his hair in a methodical, and apparently successful, search! What a paradise for a louse a thick Fijian head must be!
When Willy & I arrived in Undu this morning I called on "Baraki" who was the Tüting's boy for some 2-3 months. He was [[underlined]] very [[/underlined]] pleased to see me & wanted to order up a big feed but we couldn't wait so long. He proudly showed me a letter from Mrs. Tüting which had contained £2-0-0 This sum, a second-hand army locker, & some of Tütings clothes constituted his pay-off but apparently he is [[underlined]] thoroughly [[/underlined]] satisfied & said he greatly enjoyed his work with them. [[underlined]] This pleased me much [[/underlined]] - at least they left one native friend in Fiji! Baraki poled us back to Ngalingali as the tide