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I wish to go on record as saying that I spent the worst night of my life here last night. The mosquitoes were pretty bad, even with a net, & the palm ribs on the leaf floor didn't help any - but those damned rats wouldn't let me sleep. Squeaking & gnawing & scampering about all night. Four times I was awakened by a little bastard [[underline]] inside [[/underline]] my net - scampering over my blanketed figure! I'd awake & slap sleepily at each one - but they all got away. 
I've now got my net hung up out on the beach sands and if it doesn't rain & the sand flies aren't too bad all will be well. It certainly was a relief to hear the wild cocks crowing in the 
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bush this morning! As the others had their breakfast I went round the NE end of the island. Good tide & a wonderful sunny day - regular Fulanga weather! - and not to be outdone by the weather the island exhibited its Fulanga-like [[underline]] elevated reef [[/underline]]. A real coral Is., Ed, and, by golly, I was glad to see it! I've looked at so many rotten limestones lately that I sometimes began to wonder if I really [[underline]] had [[/underline]] seen reef Is. in Fulanga & Ongea! The rocks I saw this morning contain [[underline]] numerous [[/underline]] molds of corals & almost without exception are of flattened or elliptical growth form. A [[underlined]] few [[/underlined]] large colonies occur, the largest being 6 1/2 feet in diameter (horizontally).
All colonies in position of growth except for a few fragments of branching forms. Locally 50% of the outcrop is occupied by clear-cut cavities - once occupied by corals but now 

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