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clean whites after a bath, shave & shampoo! - That I shall write to you tonight in ink. 
Oi! what a miserable night last night! They [[insertion]] ^ (mosquitoes) [[/insertion]] came into my net faster than I could kill them with a flashlight & at last I had to give up trying. Willy & the others couldn't even keep them out with tapa & before midnight the whole crowd moved across the island & slept in the limestone [[mjs?]]! At 4[[underlined]] [[superscript]] 00 [[/superscript]] [[/underlined]] AM. I sought the medicine chest for citronella. The rats were having a field day in the leaf shelter & I killed 3 [[strikethrough]] before [[/strikethrough]] using a geology hammer before the others decided to flee. If I only could have gotten [[underlined]] one more [[/underlined]] it would have evened the score of the night before! I took a sweet little revenge in smashing their skulls! I [[strikethrough]] f [[/strikethrough]] brought them proudly forth to the captain as he prepared the morning
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oven but he reckoned he wouldn't cook 'em!
We sailed at 7[[underlined]] [[superscript]] 00 [[/superscript]] [[/underlined]] AM & had a lazy day under a cloudless sky [[strikethrough]] un [[/strikethrough]] on the gently heaving boo-zum of the Pacific. Anchored here a little after 3 [[underlined]] [[superscript]] 00 [[/superscript]] [[/underlined]] this afternoon. Wind impossible for Yangasa' at that late hour. 
The captain is a funny fellow. If he has to "pump ship" his daughter's close proximity doesn't bother him - he just faces the ocean & lets go! [[insertion]] ^ wherever he happens to be [[/insertion]] He breaks wind on occasion with a tremendous blast & then laughs like hell! I feel rather sorry for the daughter. Nobody talks to her. She just sits & looks - or covers up & sleeps. Today she got her sulu caught in the base of the mast as we shifted sail. She just looked at the sulu as the Captain yelled. Finally he gave the sulu a yank & tore it loose. Then the daughter just

[[left margin vertically]] The captain cannot walk much because of large open cracks on the soles of his feet. Willy says he needs a shot of "606"! [[/margin]]

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limestone [[mjs?]]