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looked at the tear. She smiles when I sing - but most anybody would do that! The captain is only pint size (my size!) but he is very capable. I feel almost as much confidence in him as I did in my old friend Tui Ongea. 
The [[underlined]] Adi Tavanavanna [[/underlined]] brought back a gang of Namuka boys who have been out on a years' labor contract in Taveuni. Hence a big feast tonight. I counted 7 pigs & there were piles & piles of baskets of vegetables, [[strikethrough]] sugar [[/strikethrough]] bundles of sugar cane, etc. I took some movies of the presentation ceremonies just before sunset. 
The ocean was crowded today - 6 canoes! Four from Kambara stopped here & one went on to Oneata. I got two good (?) stills as we passed one fairly closely.
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If we get a NE or a SW wind we leave on the flood tide before daylight tomorrow. We are all packed now. Am not taking our drum as we have too bulky a deck load already. Eight gallons of water should be plenty as I only plan on [[strikethrough]] 8 [[/strikethrough]] 4 days there. Then on to Oneata. 
Am due to start for Suva 3 weeks from tomorrow. 
So we [[underlined]] may [[/underlined]] finally see Yangasá tomorrow but just as I finished the last sentence it began to rain! I wonder --- ?
This damned Namuka seems a jinx for us!

Oh, look! [[image: arrow]] Yangasa', July 24th
Dear Ed - 
Here at last! Up as planned this morning only to find that the boat had dragged up anchor in the stiff