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Muanathan ("Iron-bark tree Point!)
Navutu Iloma, Yangasá
July 25th.
Dear Ed - 
No rain last night. Slept soundly except for one minor disturbance - that was when the tide came in and wet the seaward half of Willy!
The Ongea boys gave us some juicy oranges & these added to the Chow's parting gift of eggs (sent to the boat as we sailed!) gave me a swell breakfast. 
Had an early morning rainbow (a [[underlined]] part [[/underlined]] of one). Thats a bad sign in the eyes of all Fijian canoe captains so the Ongeans didn't stop for breakfast as planned. 
Willy & I hiked across the island, following what he called "a sort of a track" & reached the NW
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coast. Limestone sampled all along proved to be simply god-awful! Gray porous & recrystallized at low levels - some almost black! From the west coast we cut a track to the highest point on the island (210') - up a nearly vertical cliff that forms the west side of the Navutu Iloma. On top a long search brought forams (discoidal ones) & some poor - even questionable - orbitoids. Sections, however, may look better - the things are small.
Got an excellent view from the top & some fine evidence of NW-SE structure lines. This "atoll [[underlined]] remnant [[/underlined]]" also shows a distinct tendency to develop a basin shape - yet Mr Davis did [[underlined]] not [[/underlined]] think this an elevated atoll. [[left margin, insertion]] [[image: arrow]] he thought it a remnant of an atoll, as you know [[/margin]] Tomorrow we aim to visit Yangasá Levu & if this too shows a basin shape then the Yangasá Cluster has been worth 

Transcription Notes:
forams = Foraminifera Davis = William Morris Davis