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of an "elevated atoll" & it has a basin shape all of its own!
On the way back we tried the bottom sampler in 10 & 16 fathoms of water. Tried it 3 times - without fore-weight & [[underline]] with it [[/underline]] - letting out 30 fathoms of rope to give a low angle 
[[left margin, insertion]] believe me, our hands are sore!- its plenty heavy! [[/margin]]
[[left margin, vertical line]] [[underline]] No sample [[/underline]]! The captain claims the bottom is rock. Maybe he is right. Certainly we got hung up once (& feared for the safety of the samples) & scraped all the paint off the base of the machine! [[/left margin, vertical line]]
The Captain caught another swell fish as we geologized - so we are [[underline]] Now [[/underline]] to have a big feed of fish & chitons & [[underline]] etc [[/underline]]! I haven't opened any tins for [[underline]] days [[/underline]]! (But I work on the honey a bit!) 
Night clear & a fair wind for Mothe & Oneato - wish me luck!

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P.S. (as always!) 
My belt today ripped- "For the glass-case!", says Willy! 
And, oh yes!, first hospital service today. The captain stepped on his knife & took the bottom of his little toe off - a clean cut. - My legs were a mess of scratches tonight. Thats what I get for climbing in shorts & tennis shoes! - I've bathed them in hot iodine water. - Now for another English crossword puzzle!
Later - I've been walking up & down our 50 steps of beach & watching the tide go out. A [[underline]] full [[/underline]] moon tonight, Ed & Ruth! My God, I wish I could bring Jane out to Lau! I'm tired so I herewith pass out of the picture - with my face just a hand-span from the roof of the leaf shelter.  
Adios -