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Yangasa 900am, July 27th
Dear J. Ed
God damn it! Awoke this morning to a bright sunny day but with a good head wind [[underlined]] straight from Mothe [[/underlined]]! The Captain reckoned we had better wait so we packed up & cooled our heels. Willy wrote in his diary & I read. Coming out of the shelter 1 hour later I was astounded to see the boat tied to a tree & and half out of water. The Captain had said we might get away about noon (if the wind shifted) & here she was high & dry - with high tide at 700! "What the devil?" said I. "He wants to fix a hole" said Willy - there was no hole that needed immediate fixing

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so I proceeded to raise a little hell! We tried to shift the canoe but with a falling tide it was too late. With Willys help I cussed the captain - and Willy and I "now sulk in our tent". The Captain had no right to beach the canoe without orders. Anyway the wind still blows from Mothe so I might as well [[underline]] take it easy! [[/underline]] 
See you later - 

I'll make him sail by moonlight if only we get a fair wind - where are the trades that are supposed to flow? With a stiff trade wind we could make Mothe in 2 hours! - No work to do, Ed, damn it! I collected lots of land shells, a full tube of spiders &