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seached vainly for thrips. I wish I had old Hood here! - "Just put down a cloth & shake the grass," eh? Why, damn it, I've shaken grass & flowers & weeds & leaves but never a Thrips on a limestone island! I've bottled all sorts of flies but an examination with a lens has show them all to be [[underlined]] not thrips [[/underlined]] -  so out they go! 
Can't even get over to one of the other Yangasá islands - so chalk off July 27th as "just a sunny day - wasted aw-ay!"
I'm out of English X-word puzzles but I'm still reading about English politics - in the year 1933!
Cheerio - and [[underlined]] son [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] from [[/underlined]] - [[3 x underlined]]  bitch [[/3 x underlined]]!! H.
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Later - [[underlined]] Mothe [[/underlined]] (not goodly - but the place where I now am!) All day long we stayed at Muanathá - the canoe resting on the beach. Late in the afternoon the wind shifted on a few points to westward & at 500 we had the canoe in the water. The Captain reckoned it was going to rain (hardly a cloud to be seen!) and Willy reckoned that if it were he would wait till morning but a day of almost complete idleness the only word I could speak was [[underlined]] LAKO [[/underlined]] - and "walk" we did, sailing at 515 P.M. As we sailed across the lagoon the moon came up - big and yellow - right out the middle of Yangasá Levu! It was a grand sight! Laisa ("Eliza") wrapped in one of my blankets, and I, wrapped in the other; shared biscuits & honey before the mast. Afterwards we