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Cheerio - & I hope to find a good coral fauna for you here. I'll "kill it" if I do!

Ed, I certainly feel [[underlined]] good [[/underlined]] tonight! You don't know tiresome those "rotten" limestones became! Tonight I've been wrapping fossils, plotting, etc & enjoying every moment in spite of a badly swollen upper left eyelid. (I think I'm about due for a change of glasses & shall have an examination when I get home. Meanwhile I surely am using up the boracic acid - three days now) 

Willy is lecturing away about "one-shelled animals" & Foye & Agassiz & our trip - to a [[underline]] packed house [[/underline]]! Its Sunday but [[underline]] two [[/underline]] bowls of yangona are going strong - a thick grog for me & a weaker mixture for the local drinkers. Willy isn't 

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taking any - says he is "too full of fish" - I think it is [[underline]] words [[/underline]] he is full of! - bless him!

By the way, no more fish for some time. We brought mothe fish with us - those here are [[underline]] all [[/underline]] poison! - Take it back - I've just had Willy check this story with the local people. They claim that only the fish from the western point are poison. Never-the-less I aim to go easy. I've seen the results of fish poison in Namuka & I don't want it!

The house is now half emptied. Only we old topers are left!
Mlula  mlalavu - !

P.P.S.- Have just been having a long pow-wow & we now plan on stopping at Aiwa on our way to Lakemba. These