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F. B. Adams
Room 2012
60 East 42nd Street
New York

February 5, 1941

Dr. Waldo Schmitt,
Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, D. C.

Dear Dr. Schmitt:

I am sure I have you to thank for the copies of the five new publications of the Smithsonian Institution containing reports on further material collected on the cruise of the HOUSTON in 1938.

I have been impressed by the range covered by these investigations and reports - Cardiff, Cambridge, Sharon, Duke University and Southern California.  These all attest the importance of that interesting voyage we took together, and to your diligence in making these collections.

I congratulate you on these reports and send you my best personal regards and remembrances, as well as the hope that our paths may cross at some near time in the future.

Believe me, with renewed thanks,

Yours sincerely,
F B Adams