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June 27, 1939

Commander C. A. Bailey, U.S.N.
Bremerton, Washington

Dear Commander Bailey:

Your name is on our mailing list for the various papers resulting from the Presidential Cruise. The enclosed one falls within another series, but I know you will be interested, because it has additional pictures of the expedition.

It was a grand cruise, one of the best that I have ever taken part in, and I, for one, am downright sorry that the President can't find time to make another long one of the same kind and perhaps over the same ground. Though Clipperton wasn't so much from a fisherman's point of view, it is the one place I want to get back to for several days' stay. 

Since your Alaskan cruise has been postponed so long, I wish that you might have stayed longer in New York. I didn't get back from South America in time to visit you while the ship was in New York. 

My very best to you and yours and our mutual friends aboard. 


Waldo L. Schmitt, Curator, 
Division of Marine Invertebrates.