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January 5, 1939

Commander C. A. Bailey, U.S.N.
U.S.S. Houston
c/o Postmaster
Balboa, Canal Zone

Dear Commander Bailey:
I am rather ashamed of myself that I haven't acknowledged the cruise books sooner. I thought that I had, pending getting a money order with which to reimburse the Ships Service for them. Won't you kindly pass the enclosed order for $3.00 on to the proper party? I was awfully glad to get them.

I had been hoping for another cruise with you folks and one actually had been talked about which would have taken in the north coast of South America. However, many other things have intervened, chiefly the maneuvers in which you will participate in the Atlantic this February. Undoubtedly some fishing will be done before or after the fleet review, but it is to be of a relatively minor character and would have offered very little opportunity for collecting of the kind that we carried on this past July and August. There is some remote hope that 1940 may give us another chance to be together again, but I am afraid that is all hope on my part. 

I am sorry our paths may not cross until next May, when I am coming up to New York to call on you and the rest of our mutual friends aboard the Houston. During the month of April I shall be cavorting around along the north coast of South America to see what I can pick up in the way of specimens in that stretch of the Atlantic between Cristobal and Trinidad.

My best to you and yours. May we all meet very soon again! Happy New Year.


Waldo L. Schmitt, Curator,     Division of Marine Invertebrates.