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November 12, 1938

Commander C. A. Bailey, U.S.N.
Long Beach, California

Dear Commander Bailey:

I am sorry that I cannot give a set of prints to all of my friends aboard. With this I send you several duplicates of miscellaneous views that may be of some interest to you, Captain Barker, and Lt.-Comdr. Kelley. You will see that each particular picture is in triplicate, one for each of you. 

If I were to tell you again how much I enjoyed the cruise and how much the Museum got out of all the material collected, I would be writing you a book. The scientific reports on the various specimens are moving along apace and a narrative is soon to follow. I have to have something ready for the Smithsonian report by early in December, and some time during that month or January we hope to get some of the manuscripts printed. All of them will be very brief papers, because the quantity of material collected was not great. 

It is too bad that the log book couldn't be taken care of on board the HOUSTON. A somewhat more modest effort is being prepared by Commander Callaghan, which is to be reproduced by the offset process. It is planned that my list of fishes will form an appendix to it. I hope that they go through with that idea. 

I have heard nothing much about the next cruise, but gather that it won't happen before the turn of the year, and perhaps not so soon after that, either. I take it that your orders still hold for an appearance at the New York Exposition. I am looking forward to a little visit to the ship at that time. 

My very best regards to you, the Captain, Lt.-Comdr. Kelley, and the rest of our mutual friends aboard. 


Waldo L. Schmitt, Curator,
Division of Marine Invertebrates.