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J. N. H.  2.

Pompilus plumbeus [[female symbol]]. Pompilus rufipes [[female symbol]] 
Colletes picistigma [[male symbol]] ? 
[[strikethrough]] 4 [[/strikethrough]] 3 spp. icks.     Anthrax paniscus.

[[side note applying to above]]
Kilcool, Co.WI. 5.8.27.
[[/side note]]

[[line across page]]

Bethylus fuscicornis .                        
Lissonota bellator [[female symbol]].
L. basalis [[male symbol]].                     [[underlined]] Pteronidea myosotidis [[/underline]] [[male symbol]]. [[checkmark]] RCLP.
Halictus calceatus [[female symbol]].
[[side note applying to above]]
"Wicklow". (The Murrough) 30.8.27
[[/side note]]

Myrmosa melanocephala [[female symbol]].
[[side note applying to above]] Powerscourt demesne, Co WI 29.8.27 [[/side note]]

Halictus rubicundus [[male symbol]]
H. albipes [[female symbol]] (fresh).
Cratichneumon [[strikethrough]] ful [/strikethrough]] annulator ? 2 [[2 female symbols]].
[[side note applying to above]]
Powerscourt deerpark, Co WI. 29.8.27
[[/side note]]

Halictus freygessnori [[male symbol]]
4 icks
[[side note applying to above]]
Kilruddery, Co. WI. 26.8.27.
[[/side note]]
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