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[[underlined]] Leckford [[/underlined]]
Spedan Lewis bought village - thatched houses, post office
Finest aviaries we saw in England - lavender and gray tragopan peacock pheasant, Temminck's pheasant, Rothschschild's mynah, Prince of Wales parrakeet. Fields with running stream full of rare water fowl breeding there - chestnut-breasted geese, Siberian geese red-breasted, black-necked swans, Chilean pintails, Cape teal. All little ducklings or goslings under Bantam hens. Gardens with delphiniums, lilies, gentians, roses a mock orange (Purpurea maculatus) very sweet; distant fields green or blue with flax or red with poppies; cob wall, Hampshire chalk with thatch.

[[underlined]] Paris [[/underlined]]
International [[insertion]]^u[[/insertion]] nion - distemper of cats, parasites in okapi, period of gestation of sloth, effect of light and heat on reptiles.
Jardin des Plantes - elephant house 1811. New (1938) monkey house and lion house. Animals - malnutrition - three-footed leopard.
Vincennes - Moon - Chimp island, baboon island, okapi, herds of deer, gibbons, 3 giraffes, 3 elephants

[[underlined]] Cleres[[/underlined]]
V-bombs, many duds. Chalk marks on walls, German; many animals and birds shot during occupation. Bar-headed geese, blue geese, turkeys, wallabies

New Zoo, on bank of river. Trio of moose, young born. Reindeer, lichen expensive. Good aquarium, bird house. Only woman director. Bear pits.

Same as 10 yrs ago. flamingos in rode garden, wolverine, watussi. Malayan snakes

Ravine, good buildings, pleasant quarters. Flamingos take walk. Good bird collection. 5 chamois on rock. Capybaras and spotted hyenas breeding.

GERMANY [[insertion]] Berlin. Budapest gone. [[Leipzig Han. Hamb.?]] Ceberfeld -[[/insertion]]

[[insertion left margin]] Am. aviator. 
Caesar - bullfights. 
Ancestor of dom. cattle. 
Evolution in reverse. neanderthal man? [[/insertion left margin]]

African elephant. 7 Indians. Onagers (none in America) breeding here, also yaks, Przewalski's wild horse, watussi zebras; banteng, gayal, hippos (2 females with young); chamois, ibex. Baboon's eyesight. 3 generations chimps. Phosphorus bomb poisoned pygmy hippos. Amazing aquarium 24 pirai in 1 cage; 100 neon fish. Aurochs, [[strikethrough]] forest hore [[/strikethrough]] Aurochs [[strikethrough]] are [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] ^died [[/insertion]] in Poland in 1627; known from cave drawing and medieval woodcuts. Horse gray, white nose, short black mane, black stripe down back, on\legs. 
[[insertion]] Last wild horse died in Ukraine in 1879 - Lippe-Detmold stock - ran wild - "feral" may have mixed w. genuine wild horse.[[/insertion]]

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Transcription Notes: Leipsic = old English spelling for the German city of Leipzig. Han. Hamb. could indeed stand for Hannover & Hamburg, thanks kind stranger for this :) @PishaPlambert78