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150 acres. Hilly, wooded, rose sandstone outcroppings. Birkmann. Wisent, watussi (not pure stock). Lions, tigers, polar bears, chimpanzees - young one with first banana. Backgrounds. Lion house - bridge, tunnel Trade 2nd hand truck tires and sack of millet for 2 young lions with Leipsi c.

[[underlined]] Holland [[/underlined]]
World's Fair. Old Zoo and realestate. Opened 1942 - Germans took orchids and elephants. Big restaurant, flags, white-painted buildin s, gardens, botanical garden with Victoria regia lilies, orchids pitcher plants, bedding plants, tomatos for animals. 3 hippos, 2 chimps, young orang, water fowl. Coffee, cheese.

R. R. Station, windows still out, roof go ne. Antelope house gone, lion house roof unsafe. Greenhouses (Tropical House) destroyed. During war lawns and gardens were cabbage patches, [[strikethrough]] landscape [[/strikethrough]]
May 1940 carnivores shot. 1941 fish-eaters died. 1944 1944-45 coldest winter, reptiles and fish died. [[insertion]] ^[[5 giant salamanders broke ice - still live]] [[/insertion]]
Place in affection of people. Children feeding animals - llama cart and swill. Gardens replaced with 20,000 shrubs and plants from airport. 56 laurel trees in pots, 100-200 yrs. old. Bird house.

Transcription Notes: Leipsic = old English spelling for the German city of Leipzig. @PishaPlambert78