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Liberia divided into three provinces - Western, Central, Eastern Each of these divided into three districts

Provincial Commissioners and each district commissioner appointed by President.

Paramount Chief governs each tribe, elected by Council of Clan Chiefs, a clan consisting of not less than 20 villages.

Clan Chiefs elected by popular vote of members of Clan.

Council of Chiefs, administrative board, meet not less than once a month. 

Town Chief elected by people of town. 

Paramount Chief entitled to a farm, 37 bushels of seed rice, labor and sowing but not harvesting. 

Clan Chief 10 bushels of seed rice.

Paramount Chief entitled to four messengers, Clan Chief to two.

During farming season no court cases are held except criminal cases

[[underlined]] Marital Law [[/underlined]]

In question of dowry no man allowed to refund dowry to husband. All dowries paid only to parents or guardians.

If wife leaves husband she returns to her parents, who refund the dowry. Legal dowry not to exceed $50.00

Should a man estrange the affections of a woman from her husband, the husband shall be entitled to damages of $100. Payment does not entitle man to possession of woman. This applies to head wife; with secondary wife penalty $10. If woman has represented herself as unmarried no penalty. 

No man married with the Christian rite can legally marry according to native custom, nor if such a man contracts union with pagan woman can he recover dowry if marriage dissolved.

Marriage by native custom legal for Mohammedans and pagans. Should a Christian already [[strikethrough]] be [[/strikethrough]] married by Christian rite or civil marriage contract marriage by native custom he may be prosecuted for bigamy. 

Unmarried Christian may contract legal marriage by native custom. Offspring will be considered legitimate. While this native marriage exists, he can have no legal union with a civilized person.