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Adult plant
12.76 [[m?]]
[[vertical line on left margin with seven divisions; the top division is marked 0.76 and all lower divisions are marked with a 2]]
[[line drawn from lower left to upper right with 19 divisions marked with different numbers]]
[[end page]]
[[start page]]
the beginning of the [branch] development, [(?)] leaf blade narrow, [[strikethrough]] reflexed decidous early.  [(?)] leaf with strong colors light - dark striations.  [[strikethrough]]  Bud complement are prophyllum (with 1? or 3 buds) in the nodes of lower part of culm.  Early development; 3 very strong, similar buds [[strikethrough]] in one line, each with its [[strikethrough]] own bracts a prophyllum. Original prophyllum very wide, large and dark. Branch complement [[strikethrough]] initial [(?)] give rise to 3 branches.

Transcription Notes:
It is possible the line drawing represents a plant with measurements between nodes.