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Usually one of the side buds start develop-ment ( on the side the sheath opens.
It forms a branch complement of 3 equally dominant branches. Later (sometime early) each one will give one side branch from upper nodes of segmented base of primary branch, sometime, in older culms, a second branch is born on [[strikethrough]] an upper node of the 1e axe.
1e axis (3 =) very thick much more than main axis of culm
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with base inflated, cores by several short bracts
Base of these axis is [[strikethrough]] segmented, a series of very short, but distinct internodes.
In the 2e branches almost always have found 1 or 2 "roots"? buds or rounded, big prominence.
Culm does not divide.
Only branches at nodes
branches with leaf couple
[[?]] very large, 90-1.25 m +/- long with several [[strikethrough]] leaves.
Leaf blades very large long and wide, thick, smooth, glabrous.
[[?]] [[strikethrough]] seta several