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also carbonaceous particles and fragments of small bivalves chiefly macoma.
This disappears under the small talus at the foot of the section. The beach of the river not far distant is composed of the pebbles and small boulders of the hard sandstone from upper layer (a). There are also in this layer rare rounded small pebbles of a very hard bright pink [[insertion]] minutely [[/insertion]] granulae rock whether crystalline or sandy schist I did not determine.
Near Tongue Pt the same formation was recognized, but layer (a) seemed thick and the regularity of the layer (b) was much broken up. As far as could be determined in the absence of any road or path at the foot of the bluff, which is fenced off into lots most of which are built upon, the formation is the same all along the bluff behind the town which is largely built upon piles. The High or Public School building is at about the western third

Transcription Notes:
Macoma is a genus of saltwater clams.