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Lupinus minimus
Abies lasiocarpa
Base of Goat Mountain
Abies nobilis
Xerophyllum tenax
Castilleja miniata
Slope of Mount St. Helens, on exposed lava
Cryptogramma acrostichoides
Juniperus nana
Along a rivulet in [[underlined]] Abies lasiocarpa, Pinus monticola, [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] and [[underlined]] P. murrayana [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]]
Sambucus leiosperma, nearly past flowering
Viola glabella, past flowering
Aquilegia formosa, in flower.
Epilobium in bud
Veronica [[strikethrough]] off [[/strikethrough]] serpyllifolia
Mimulus lewisii? musky in bud
Veratrum viride.
Besides things collected.
On dry ground
Calochortus subalpinus } Collected 765
Polygonum newberryi    } Collected 766
Juncoides campestre
Juncus parryi
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