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[large print] Marian Anderson Awards: [[in italics]] "To enable poor but talented people to do something which they have dreamed of all their lives."

[photo right margin: Miss Anderson entertains two Award winners, Genevieve Warner, now at the Metropolitan Opera and Camilla Williams, of the New York City Opera.

[text] In 1941, after the $10,000 Bok Award was presented to Marian Anderson by her native Philadelphia, she established the now-famous Scholarship Fund which bears her name. Miss Anderson had had first-hand experience with the problems of a young singer, for, early in her own career, member-friends of her church had collected nickels and dimes into "a fund for Marian Anderson's future," enabling her to study in New York in preparation for the contest in which she won a guest appearance with the Philharmonic Symphony at Lewisohn Stadium.

    The competition for the Marian Anderson Awards is open to all and is administered by a committee which holds annual auditions and bestows prizes of varying amounts. Periodically, Miss Anderson has added to the original fund, and gifts exceeding $20,000 have been issued to fifty-five applicants from fourteen states. Of these, several have already surged forward to their goals, notably Genevieve Warner of the Metropolitan Opera, Camilla Williams and Rosalind Nadell of the New York City Opera, and Rawn Spearman and Mattiwilda Dobbs, who have achieved striking success in concert and opera, here and abroad. 
Information regarding the Awards may be obtained by writing to the Marian Anderson Scholarship Fund, 262 S. Martin Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Award Winners: 

Alveretta Britten Atlanta, Ga.

Camilla Williams Danville, Va.
William Brown Akron, Ohio.
Faye Drazin Philadelphia, Pa.
Mildred Hill Philadelphia Pa.
William Smith Philadelphia Pa.

Isobel Schapp New York (Brooklyn)
Elton Johnson Warren Philadelphia, Pa.
Rosalind Nadel Philadelphia, Pa. 
Constance Stokes Philadelphia, Pa.
Katherine Graves New York City
Quentin K. Miller North Carolina

Minnie Louise Parker Philadelphia, Pa.
Nathaniel Dickerson Philadelphia Pa.
Starling E. Hatchett Washington, D.C.
Goldie Theresa Green Baltimore, Md.

Mary Simmons New York, N.Y. 
Victoria Kerner Lakewood, Ohio
Edna Charney Philadelphia, Pa.
Oscar Griffin New York, N.Y.

Florida Naomi Pettigrew Severna Park, Md.
Nancy Fishburn Grenlock Terrace, N.J. 
Amanda Kemp Kansas City, Kan. 
Sadie Knight New York, N.Y.
Luther Saxon New York, N.Y.

Helen Colbert Philadelphia, Pa.
Leonora Lafayette Baton Range, La.
Doris Rowe Detroit, Mich.
Mattiwilda Dobbs Atlanta, Ga.
Genevieve Warner  New York, N.Y.
Nell Anders New York, N.Y. 

Lenora Lafayette Baton Rouge, La. 
Rawn Spearman New York, N.Y. 
Christine Reid Hamilton, Ontario.
Lillian Georgia Hall Clinton, N.J. 

Martha Z. Flowers New York, N.Y.
Lois Raye  Philadelphia, Pa.
Sara Mae Endich New York, N.Y.
Robert Riedel Pittsburgh, Pa.

Georgia Ann Laster Los Angeles, Calif. 
Herbert Gantt Boston, Mass. 
Gloria Davy  Brooklyn, N.Y.
Doris Mayes Philadelphia, Pa. 
Jan Gbur New York, N.Y. 

Shirlee Emmons New York, N.Y. 
Betty-Lou Allen Hartford, Conn. 
Judith Raskin New York N.Y.
Madelaine Chambers White Plains, N.Y. 
McHenry Boatwright Boston, Mass.
Elinor Zvenitsky Cleveland, Ohio
Robert Mosley Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Coletta Warren New York, N.Y.

Miriam Burton New York, N.Y.
Lee Cass New York, N.J. 
Reri Grist  New York, N.Y. 

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