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us Several Chests fully Equipped; and our Surgeon Dr. Richard Knight. of the Presbyterian Hospital. N.Y. Undertook to gather and see that the specimens were looked after.  David Nutt and one of the Brigus Crew and Warner Kent and Bross Lloyd and Stuart Miller gave him assistance from time to time.
[[strikethrough]] [[M?]] [[/strikethrough]] The Hydrographic office Navy Department and
the Bureau [[overwritten]] [[?]] [[/overwritten]] of Fisheries helped us with Thermometers and Sounding Wire; and [[Natuical?]] Instruments, and Books. in return we were to furnish the Hydrographic office Sea water Surface readings; and Ice data. from time to time this we did, over the Radio. And later they will receive a  chart track of our route Showing ice and Bergs etc.
The Hungarian Consul General George de GhiKA. asked that we gather from the Crimson Cliffs of Cape York. Red Snow. Chlamydomonas Nivalas.
Clifton Foss our Radio Operator

Transcription Notes:
Chlamydomonas Nivalis is an algae also known as Red or Watermelon snow!! @phil_terry