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was with us again; and his Young Capable
wife, kept the home fires burning.  All messages being relayed through her, and She kept all our Relations and Friends duly informed of our doings.
Mrs. Seaman the Genial and lovable Hostess of Yama Farms, Napanock, 
N.Y. gave me a sweet Jersey Heifer [[insertion]] ^ For Mother [[/insertion]]
Mr. Frank Foster [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] the [[Montealur?]] Farms Phoenixville. Pa. gave me also two Turkey hens and a 26 lbs. Gobbler for Mother.
Bassett Jones of Nantucket. Mass. and New York bought a brand new otter trawl
in Boston So we stopped at Nantucket where Basset spent a day with us.  On board of Morrissey outside of Nantucket
on the fishing Grounds the trawl was lowered twice and fished for an hour first time we hauled we hadn't much