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for myself and all the members of the Expedition. And to collect birds for the Cleveland Museum and the Zoological Society of Chicago permission was asked from the Danish Government through the State Department. This must be done. One has to get permission to do this sort of thing in Newfoundland and Canada. [[strikethrough]] Luckily this [[/strikethrough]] And at Brigus I have the Doctor of the Port give me a clean bill of health. And this is vouched for by the Danish Consul General Sir Jasker Cook. My first port of call in Greenland was Godhavn to report my presence to Governor Rosendahl in Greeland waters. Also to land Dr. Erling Porsild Botanist of Ottawa, Canada. His parents Dr. and Mrs. Morton Porsild reside there. His father is in charge of the [[strikethrough]] Danish [[/strikethrough]] Biological Laboratory. Erling before going to school in Copenhagen grew

Transcription Notes:
Godhavn is the Danish name for the Greenland port town of Qeqertarsuaq. "Morton" Porsild is likely Morten Porsild, see His son was Erling Porsild, see