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Red Crow also fishing 
for algae, and fauna in the
Nearby Lakes; Pools, and 
Rivers our next stop was at
Northumberland Pond Hakluyt Island
for Birds, flowers, etc.  We
did not visit any Native
Villages, Except Ootali's.  From
Hakluyt Island to Cape
Alexander we tried using
the Trawl; but found the
water to deep for the amount
of rope we had.  I therefore tried
the Trawl in Shore between
Cape Chalow and Cape
Alexander.  My hope was
that Kane Basin would be 
free of ice on it's South side
then I hoped to use the
Trawl. Ice prevented us.
but we did use it in Shore [[right margin]] in Smith Sound.[[/right margin]]
Also the Dredge, and the
Plankton net.  The farther
North we went the finer the
weather.  We did get to Latitude
78.45. and to a point in