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Friday Jan. 19, 1872
Weather | Barom. |  Thermometer   |   Wind     |
        |        |      max   min |            |
Stormy  | 29.154 | 19 | 29  |  16 | NNW strong |

Strong NN Westerly wind with clouds and a little snow. Wind works round to the S&SE by evening and the temperature rises

Saturday Jan. 20
Variable | 29.808 | 26 | 26 | 13 | Variable |
Morning clear, nearly calm, light se air. Ice forming rapidly in small harbor. P.M. cloudy with fresh SE wind, later strong NE and n. The barom. rising with N wind to 29.930 Later NNW. A field of ice from the entrance of the harbor comes down on us by the [[?]] but our chains cut a clear passage through it and the vessel is but slightly chafed. About 8 P.M. barom. falls to 29.450 and a SE gale comes on with heavy squalls of half melted snow. Some old and heavy ice, a foot or more in thickness, gets adrift
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and half of it passes out through the straits into Captain's harbor. The other half goes ashore on Expedition Id and on Amaknak NW of the tideguage. At 11 P.M. the latter was all right, but the gale, increasing in fury rendered it impossible to reach the crib and remove the instruments, which I should have done if possible in anticipation of the ice carrying it away.

Sunday. Jan, 21
Weather | Barom. | Thermometer  |  Wind
Stormy  | 28.840 | 38 | 40 | 30 | Gale S.E.
This A.M. my apprehensions of last night proved too well founded. The ice overturned and crushed the crib and tide guage house and carried the latter ashore in a wrecked condition. I go there immediately in the large boat and we succeed in fishing out the self registering guage soaked with salt was and oil
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