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The ANATOMY of Man's Body, as said to be governed by the Twelve CONSTELLATIONS.

[[image: A nude man seated on a sphere, encircled by astrological pictorial images and their corresponding symbols, with lines pointing to the anatomical parts of the man to which each symbol applies. In clockwise order from top left, the symbols are:
Taurus [[bull]], Neck.
Aries [[ram]], the Head and Face.
Gemini [[twins]], Arms.
Leo [[lion]], Heart.
Libra [[scales]], Reins.
Sagittarius [[archer]], Thighs.
Aquarius [[waterbearer]], Legs.
Pisces [[fishes]], the Feet.
Capricorn [[goat]], Knees.
Scorpio [[scorpion]], Secrets.
Virgo [[virgin]], Bowels.
Cancer [[crab]], Breast.]]
To know where the Sign is. First find the day of the month, and against it the sign or place of the moon, in the sixth column. Then finding the sign here, it shews the part of the body it is said to govern.

We have inserted the above, and the prognostics of the weather, according to the most approved methods; but think it proper to inform our readers, that, in this enlightened age, the learned put but little confidence in them.

Characters explained.

[[image: new moon symbol]] New Moon
[[image: full moon symbol]] Full Moon 
[[image: first quarter symbol]] First Quarter
[[image: last quarter symbol]] Last Quarter
[[image: moon's ascending node symbol]] 
    Moon's as. node
[[image: sun symbol 1]] or 
    [[image: sun symbol 2]] Sun
[[image: Saturn symbol]] Saturn
[[image: Jupiter symbol]] Jupiter
[[image: Mars symbol]] Mars
[[image: Venus symbol]] Venus
[[image: Mercury symbol]] Mercury
[[image: Conjunction symbol]] Conjunction 
[[image: Opposition symbol]] Opposition 
[[image: Trine symbol]] Trine
[[image: Quartile symbol]] Quartile

Common Notes and Moveable Feasts for the Year 1793.

Dominical Letter   F    Easter Sunday  March 31.
Golden Number      8    Ascension         May 9.
Epact (correct)   18    Whit Sunday      May 19.
Cycle of the Sun  10    Advent           Dec. 1.