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and preserving all the record of this office. Over the door of this room, let there be a sign, on which the figures of a LAMB, a DOVE, and an OLIVE-BRANCH should be painted, together with the following inscriptions in letters of gold:
Within this apartment let there be a collection of plough-shares and pruning-hooks made out of swords and spears; and on each of the walls of the apartment, the following pictures as large as the life:
1. A lion eating straw with an ox, and an adder playing upon the lips of a child.
2. An Indian boiling his venison in the same pot with a citizen of Kentucky.
3. Lord Cornwallis and Tippoo Saib, under the shade of a sycamore-tree in the East-Indies, drinking Madeira wine together out of the same decanter.
4. A group of French and Austrian soldiers dancing arm in arm, under a bower erected in the neighbourhood of Mons.
5. A St. Domingo planter, a man of color, and a native of Africa, legislating together in the same colonial assembly.*
To complete the entertainment of this delightful apartment, let a group of young ladies, clad in white robes, assemble every day at a certain hour, in a gallery to be erected for the purpose, and sing odes, and hymns, and anthems in praise of the blessings of peace.
One of these songs should consist of the following beautiful lines from Mr. Pope:
Peace o'er the world her olive wand extends,
And white-rob'd innocence from heaven descends;
All crimes shall cease, and ancient frauds shall fail,
Returning justice lifts aloft her scale.
*At the time of writing this, there existed wars between the United States and the American Indians, between the British nation and Tippoo Saib, between the planters of St. Domingo and their African slaves, and between the French nation and the emperor of Germany.