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Anomochloa marantoidea Brongniart
Bahia, Brazil

Mun. de Una. Elev 180-190 m. Dark, humid forest on steep, rocky slope of mixed, rich soil. Very large trees and abundant Marantaceae, Rutaceae, and many ferns in the understory. Also common a small [[underlined]] Olyra {{/underlined]] sp. (CEC et al. 2382), [[underlined]] Pharus [[/underlined]] sp., etc. Forming thick, large clumps, mature plants up to 80 cm tall; near the edge of forest, in slightly distrubed areas, plants shorter and in smaller clumps. Graceful dark green, thin leaves with sheath wide open, flat, all in one plane (Iris type). Each new plant develops in right angles to the previous.

21 April 1976
Cleofe E. Calderon, Talmon S. Santos, and Lyselson B de Oliveira 2381