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but stay at the office and 
write and help Schumacher.
P.M. dine with Capt. Noyes &
call on Mrs Newton, with Miss 
Noyes in P.M.

Monday Dec 22
Buy some cigars and a present
for Capt. Noyes. Down to office & see
Capt. Herendeen.  Stearns being
sick. See Barstow. Go down to Stearns
then round to Carmanys. back to office
see Mrs. Dr. Scott, then to dinner & 
over to Stearn's. Take Miss Stearns
to the Hall and proceed with the
Agassiz memorial exercises & 
back to Stearns.

Tuesday Dec 23
Up to office. Day clear & cold  Send
LeConte's paper to Stearns. Work 
at office over Kodiak Meterology
Go down to Garetts & look at 
sounding apparatus. Go to bank
and back to office. Down to
dinner. P.M. Call with Baker at 
Mr. Abram Hall's.

Wednesday Dec 24
Letter and a beautiful pair of slippers
from Sadie. Meet Stetson
& Rogers & Capt. Hall comes up to
the office. get my charts. four of 
which are out. Stearns comes to