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[[Letterhead, which is also present on the next several pages]]
Vancouver, B.C.    Seattle, Wash.   San Francisco, Cal
[[Image of fishing boat on the water with five standing people and perhaps a child. One person is at stern with a long pole.  On the horizon are mountains and clouds behind the scene. Several other small boats are present Above the scene is a rope arch with a circular loop at either end. Inside the left loop is the inscription "Subscription $2.00 per Year  Foreign Countries $2.50 per Year". In the right loop is the inscription "Devoted to the Commercial Fisheries" [[/Image]]
Pacific Fisherman
Miller Freeman, Publisher.  John N. Cobb, Editor.  Russell Palmer, Manager. 
Seattle, Washington, December 14, 1914.
Address all communications to Pacific Fisherman  [[/Letterhead]]

My dear Waldo:

Yours of the 7th instant received.

I wrote you at Washington some days ago with respect to the mushy fish in the cargo of the San Juan.  Also sent you a copy of the November number.  The latter contains the whole of Thompson's preliminary report on the Life history of the Halibut.  To-morrow I will mail you another copy of the November number.

Mighty glad to hear that you still think married life is the only thing.

With kindest regards from all, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

[[Signature of John N. Cobb]]