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Sausalito, Calif.,
November 3, 1914.

My dear Mr. Cobb:

I didn't realize what I was "steering" you up against when I sent you that table, and then, too, I should have asked you for the Seattle returns only, as I had secured the others myself in Newport and Portland.  After writing you, Reid and Bailey furnished me with a revised list of fish landed by the "Decorah" at Portland, as follows:

May  10,     -      4,500     @        3¢
May  28,     -     13,700     @        4¢
June 16,     -     22,800     @        3¢
July  6,     -     32,500     @    3 1/4¢
July 22,     -     21,000     @    5 1/2¢

I certainly appreciate the efforts you are making in getting the data on mushy fish.  This point doesn't appear in literature, so far as I can discover, and it seems as though it may show some interesting things.  I am also glad that you have been able to add those extra trips, as they will tend to indicate the length of the period over which the mushiness of the "fish" extends.

Owing to the amount of routine I have run up against, things are progressing a little more slowly than I had counted on.  Consequently I have requested transfer to Washington, and the Bureau has asked the Secretary to authorize it.  If granted, I leave the day after Thanksgiving.