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Sausalido, Calif.,
Oct. 12, 1914.

Dear Mr. Cobb:
     For all you have heard from me, we have had the same fate as the "Frances H. Leggett".
     Our leave-taking was very abrupt, I know, and, though I was as anxious as any to get back to "Califrisco", I am downright sorry we didn't stay over just that extra night to make at least the right kind of farewe[[strikout]]/a [[/Strikeout]]ll. 
     Please convey my apologies to Mrs. Cobb, and to her sister.  I have told Alvina about all of you, and I do hope we can meet some day.  That reminds me of the Indian-rugs.  As much as I want them, I'm afraid we shall have to forego that pleasure at present.  She has an ebony-cased grand, and tells me she must have plain-colored rugs to match it.  So, as is proper with the "henpecked", I'm voting plain rugs, too.  But I shall not forget your sister-in-law's kind offer, as I doubtless shall enlist her kind offices in the not-distant future. 
     We got track of the "doings" of the Eillah May".  She made two trips, financed by the W. A. Hammond Lumber Co. -- why, I don't know.  On the first trip, she lost her gear and was forced to return to Frisco to refit.  On the second, the one I previously wrote you about, her catch was less than 6000 lbs. of halibut, which in the smash-up on he beach was spoiled by the bursting oil tank