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Febr 12. 1887.
Buy about 100 specimens of silicified fossils from Ballast Point from Mr. Newman, Mr. Willcox advancing the money. There are 30-40 species in the lot, including two mammalian teeth which should determine the age of the deposit. Find nummulites from well in town.

Go out with Mr. F.J. Lapenotière to Orient station on Tampa R.R. about 6 miles east of Tampa. Near here the railway crosses a stream which is called Six mile Run, this has cut its way between banks of limestone 10-12 ft. high with a covering of sand. 1-3 ft deep. In the limestone are few fossils and these in rare layers among them is the same Helicina found silicified at Ballast Point the rocks are evidently of the same age

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Near [[insertion]] and in the bed of [[/insertion]] a small stream which runs from a sulphur spring on La Penotières land into Six Mile Run, is a soft limestone rock containing casts of shells 
These casts are not very numerous but include several seen in the the nummulitic rock taken from the well in Tampa City, notably a Galerus and Bulla. From the spring to the Run is a fall of  ft, according to Lapenotière who has had it measured with a view to putting in a [[ram?]]. It comes into the Run about half a mile below the culvert of the RR. above mentioned. At the culvert the stream is small & narrow, but a little way below becomes deep and tidal and quite wide. At one point there are rocks on both sides. These are streaked with bands of chest in which the