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[[preprinted]] January, SUNDAY, 1. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

129 men { Franklin's Men about 20 per [[Qt?]] in 3 years  6 1/3 per [[?Qts]] pr
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[[Bruni?]] d'Entrecastrenux
per [[?Qt]] 22 [[?]] 55 in 5 years
Then [[?]] of 22 [[strikethrough]] 57 [[/strikethrough]] per per year
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Mortality 3 per [[Qtr?]] per an

[[preprinted]] MONDAY, 2. [[/preprinted]]

Manicolo - one of the South Sea Islands
33 1/3

Lat. 21°-41' = S.
Long 161 - 5. E.

[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, 3. [[/preprinted]]

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[[preprinted]] January, WEDNESDAY, 4. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

Loss of the American Brig Commerce wrecked on the western coast of Africa in the month of Aug 1815 by Jas Riley Master & Supercargo
London 1817

[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, 5. [[/preprinted]]

Riley was on a Voyage in the Commerce from Connecticut to N.O.
220 tons
6th Day of May 1815 for N.O. 
June 24 sails from N.O. for Gibalter
Riley's Shipwreck & Captivity
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, 6. [[/preprinted]]
in the Great Desert
Riley for 10 Terms
Weight 240 lbs but now weighed 60

Kathai (China)

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Here is an article on Entrecastrenux:'Entrecasteaux

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