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[[preprinted]] February, SUNDAY, 12. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

Walked down to the wharf - Saw Comd of a schooner who had been on a Whaling Voyage in the Arctic Regions (1853) up thru. Behring Straits.  Said he had counted 53 Whale ships at one time near Asiatic Coast.  Spoke of some reports in search of Sir John Franklin there at that time.  Thought his constitution would not admit of spending 2 or 3 winters up in the A. Region.  The number of his crew to navigate his vessel (100 tons) bst. a place near Boston & Phila was 5.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, 13. [[/preprinted]]
N.Y. started last eve from Phila for this city.  11 O'Clock ^ [[this Mourn]] Called on Henry Grinnell, office Liverpool & London Life Ins Co: who recd me very kindly.  Having read the letter of my friend Fosdick, stated that the views he (Mr G.) had to communicate to me, would go far to support me in what I had advanced.  Invited me, at once, to dine with him at his residence, 17 Bond St. setting the hour 6 O'Clk. Desired to have an extended interview with me. I accepted the invitation.  Eve at Henry Grinnell's.
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[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, 14. [[/preprinted]]
Left N.Y. 4 1/2 O'Clock for New London.  The Agt. of Norwich & Worcester Line kindly favored me free passage to this place.  His name is E.S. Martin N.Y.  Arrived New L. 1 O'Clk A.M. 15th.  Put up at [[space]] Hotel.
Night - On the watch!
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[[preprinted]] February, WEDNESDAY, 15. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

Introduced myself to Cap. Brown extensive Whaler ^[[who is]] fitting out vessel for Cumberland Sound to be ready middle Mar.  A sociable enterprising man.
Called on [[Willing?]] & Haven extensive whalers.  They [[own?]] the "Rescue" one of the vessels of the 1st Grinnell Expedition which they offer to me for $2,000.  It is properly fitted & strengthened for the Arctic seas.  [[strikethrough]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 16]] [[/strikethrough]] I think this a bargain.  Indeed 2000 would be the cost to properly plank an ordinary vessel.

Had an interview of 1/2 hour with Christopher B. Chapel ^[[Norwich City Co]] an old whale Capt.  He has navigated in the Arctic Seas, been up into Baffins Bay over in Lancaster Sound.
Was formerly Com the "McLelland"
At one time was in the vicinity where she was afterward wrecked.  [[strikethrough]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 17]] [[/strikethrough]] The ice was in terrible conflict.  Near him were two English vessels commanded by Scotchmen.  One says to the other [[thare?]] that "Yankee" ship is done for.  This was hardly out of the Scots mouth before a "nip" broke the two vessels just where it was fatal.  In less than 1/2 minute one went down out of sight, the other's hull was cut [[strikethrough]] into [[/strikethrough]] from stern to stern leaving

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