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[[preprinted]] March, WEDNESDAY, 7.  1860 [[/preprinted]]

I repeat. [[strikethrough]] Has [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] ^[[Is]] the History of the Franklin Expedition Concluded?? [[/underlined]]

To your minds, has it been satisfactorily determined that ^[[there were]] no survivors [[strikethrough]] or sa [[/strikethrough]] of the party [[strikethrough]] consisting of 105 sailors [[/strikethrough]] wh. deserted the ships Eribus & Terror on the 27th Apr 1848.

Have all the ^[[existing]] records of that Expedition been recovered? 

[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, 8. [[/preprinted]] 
[[strikethrough]] Arctic Ocean
At a meeting [[/strikethrough]]

There are some [[/strikethrough]] many [[/strikethrough]] men in Eng. who appear to be settled in their own minds that all is done that can be.

The Royal Geographical Society of London (I blush to say it) believes no more can be done 

[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, 9. [[preprinted]]

Capt. Osborn, an Arctic Navigator & writer stated before [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikeout]] said Society in its Nov. meeting [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] he had read the Narrative of Capt McClintock as written day by day & that he had come to the conclusion ^[[could be]] no survivors of that ex of Franklins.

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[[preprinted]] March, SATURDAY, 10. 1860. [[/preprinted]]

Gentlemen, the Narrative published, [[underlined]] brings me to no such conclusion. [[/undelined]] I [[strikethrough]] know [[/strikethrough]] believe [[strikethrough]] d [[strikethrough]] Capt McClintock a great Arctic sledge traveller.

I have awarded him great praise for deeds done.  He is worthy [[strikethrough]] of much [[/strikethrough]] honor  [[strikethrough]] from the whole civilized world. [[/strikethrough]]

[[preprinted]] SUNDAY 11. [[/preprinted]]

Yet [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] in other acts, he has shown weaknesses of the human race. 

Some ^[[of these]] [[strikethrough]] of his errors - Westing N. [[/strikethrough]] must be noted as they have, [[strikethrough]] much [[/strikethrough]] bearing in the completion of the History of the Franklin party.

McC. left Eng. the 1st Day of July 1857 in Command of the Fox

[[preprinted]] MONDAY, 12. [[/preprinted]]

Journals of Luke Fox - [[of York?]] (1631)

in 1585 John Davis with the Moon Shine 35 tons
Sun " [[ditto for Shine]] 50
Frobisher 1576
3 vessels 35 tonnes
30 [[th?]] - 10 do [[ditto for tonnes?]]
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