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Mr. H. communicated the fact of the disgraceful conduct of a well known commander ^[[(not unknown to history]] who during a Winter in the Arctic Regions turned ^[[his vessel]] into a - what was it ^[[that]] brought destruction upon Sodom & G?  This was dammable to thus treat the untutored Esquimaux.  The Males [[strikethrough]] of the Natives [[/strikethrough]] were indignant at the outrages committed upon their wives & daughters by Civilized(?) White Men!  But what could the poor savage do - Nothing but submit.  O, my Contempt!  Instead of lifing up that poor, benighted people ^[[by]] teaching virtue & civilization, [[underlined]] you carry devils & damnation to them. [[/underlined]]  Curses be ^[[upon]] the heads of those who hath done this thing both of England & America!  I learn that Cap. Penny, in English Whaler, celebrated in the history of ^[[Arctic]] searches for Sir John Franklin, is guilty of introducing Fire-Water among the Natives of Northumberland Inlet.  He is a man of [[underlined]] dignity, [[/underlined]] belonging to the Established Church of England - a man of ^[[the]] Bible & Fire-Water! [[underlined]] both of wh. [[/underlined]] he has introduced [[underlined]] simultaneous [[/underlined]] to the Esquimaux.  [[?]] there be [[underlined]] honor in this, [[/underlined]] Capt. P. may have it!
MY [[?BLCK BOOK]] [[encircled]] 377 [[/encircled]] See John Ross Narrative - how different!
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(Continuation from 3d page, [[underline]] Ante. [[underline]] [[encircled]] 30 [[/encircled]]
Another extract from said Log
"Sunday June 10/55 XXXX Men moving about the hills & went off with two [[underline]] Natives [[underline]] to their huts & he has been in the habit of running every opportunity he could possibly get round among the Natives.  He likes company & trade & for self & seems to be if I am allowed to judge an opposer of all that is good & XXXXX"
Remarks Friday, June 15/55 XX A  certain person stopped on shore with their prostitutes & one of the crew against my wishes."
(The above extracts are faithfully copied by myself from Logs in New London)
See Ross Narrative
2d Voyage [[encircled]] 377 [[/encircled]]
How excellent his remarks!
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