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Wednesday (Continued)
Mr. Reuben Vose called to make enquiries in regard to a chart of the Arctic Regions - says that Mr. Henry Grinnell had sent him to me ^[[by Mr G]] having remarked to Mr V that 'I was the best posted on that subject of any one he knew of'.  That indeed was a compliment from so great a man as Mr G. - I say [[underlined]] "Great" [[/underlined]] for he is indeed so - tho perhaps there is no high sounding titles to his name, yet there is a cord of silver [[underlined]] created by Henry Grinnell's ^[[noble deeds]] binding the hearts of the American & English people into one! [[/underlined]]  He is the friend of all men -  He has blessed the World - the World will bless him & his memory forever.  God bless thee noble sir!
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This Eve, 9 o'clock, called by appointment at the Editorial rooms of the "Tribune" - to meet [[strikethrough]] Mr. [[/strikethrough]] Horace Greeley, Esq.  Had an interesting interview with him.  He Desired that I would write to them ^[[(The "Tribune") from the [[underlined]] "North" [[/underlined]] ]] offering to pay well for the communications.  Wished me success in my undertaking - & hoped it would terminate as favourable as could be desired.  Still, Mr. G. believed, that so long time ^[[had]] passed that it was beyond doubt that all of Franklin's men were dead.  I mentioned to him the case of La Perouse - asked him if he recollected ^[[that]] it was 40 years before [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] relics were fund of his expedition? - ^[[I remarked]] that [[underlined]] then [[/underlined]] it was ascertained that some had survived within 3 years of that time - that is: 37 years after X. (See side Column)
[[left margin]] From bottom of page X  Mr. G. - replied [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] 'Well, they ^[[the French]] did not send expeditions all around the place to search as in the Eng. & Americans in Franklin's Case'.  The truth is the French did send ^[[out]] an expedition ^[[for search]] 6 years after La Perouse departure, & actually cruised for several days by an island on wh. relics were ^[[afterwards]] found - & the evidence is there [[?found]] ^[[their]] survivors also. [[/left margin]]
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